Curriculum Vitae

1. Klaas Albert Hoek


2 Permanent Address:

Van MourikBroekmanstraat 27hs

3. Higher education

RietveldAcademie, Amsterdam, 1968-1973
Painting and Printmaking

4. Employment record

Independent practising Visual artist
1973 - present

Printer (lithography), Printshop, Piet Clement
1970 - 1977

Publisher of Contemporary Printed Art, Ink on Paper
1984 - 1991

Advisor at Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
1987 - 1996

Head of department Photo/Graphical Media
Rijksakademie, Amsterdam 1989 - 1994

Lecturer Fine Art, BA, HKU 1988 - 2011

Lecturer contextual studies HKU 1997 - 2011

Courseleader Ma Fine Art, Mahku 2004 - 2016

Head of Print, Lecturer Slade School of Fine Art , London 1998 - 2015

Guest lectures and seminars

Guest lecturers Rietveldacademie
AKI Enschede, Goldsmith Gollege , London, Camberwell College of Art, London

5. Exhibitions ( a selection)

Group exhibitions:

April 1982 11 jongeNederlanders’ (’11 young Dutchmen’)
Kijkschuur, Acquoy
August 1982 ‘Nieuweaanwinsten’ (‘New Aquisitions’)
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
October 1985 ‘Visser, Diederen en Hoek,prints’
Steendrukkerij Amsterdam, Amsterdam
December 1985 ‘Wat Amsterdam betreft’ (‘About Amsterdam’)
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
August 1987 ‘BiënnaleBeeldendeKunst, Noord-Holland
May 1988 ‘NieuweNederlandseGrafiek’ (‘New Dutch Prints’)
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
February 1989 ‘Tekens van verzet’ (‘Signs of resistance’)
Museum Fodor, Amsterdam
September 1989 ‘Holland at the Festival’
Art Space, Aberdeen
February 1991 ‘Confrontations’
Witzenhaus en Meyerink, Amsterdam
October 1991 ‘Experimentelegrafiek’ (‘Experimental Prints’)
Hogeschoolv.d. Kunsten, Arnhem
May 1997 ‘The Complete Contempt’ video-remake of
‘Le Mepris' van Jean Luc Godard
Tramway, Glasgow
May 2000 'Digital Portfolio'
Cover Up,Londen
December 2002 Podion, Amsterdam
June 2007 ‘Flash Cube’, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul
April 2012 ‘A wall is a surface, Shoreditch, London

Solo exhibitions:

October 1982 Drawings and sculpture
Museum Fodor, Amsterdam
November 1985 Drawings
De Expeditie, Amsterdam
January 1987 Drawings
ExposoriumVrijeUniversiteit, Amsterdam
February 1987 Prints
Steendrukkerij Amsterdam, Amsterdam
1991 – 1992 Traveling educational exhibition
L.O.K.V., Utrecht
Maart 1992 Paintings
Kritzraedhuis, Sittard
September 1997 'Ishihara op de maan', Grafiek
Steendrukkerij Amsterdam, Amsterdam
September 2000 'Cast and Casting'
Steendrukkerij Amsterdam,Amsterdam
April 2001 ‘(Re)productie’
Kunstenlab, Deventer

6. Publications

Reproduced/recollect LOKV, Utrecht 1991
contribution to Curry project book HKU, Utrecht
Utopia Athens , 2010
Ahead of Painting London, 2013

7. Projects

A Call for drawings, research project into role and place of images
In the sciences
Map of the Universe, Mapping the University. A multi-disciplinary
workshop to produce a new map of the Univer : : Curating the Studio, 7 curators curating the studio

7 Research and related scholarly/professional activities
- Member of Jury Prix De Rome Printmaking and drawing 1993
- Member of advisory committee Visual Art, Den Helder 1990-1993
- Member of Jury Research image as Art. graduate school UCL, London 2001-2002
- C.E.O. Hovering Bureau of Investigations, University College London 2002-2005
- Staff research and Development project HKU, Utrecht, 2002 - 2004
- External Course Assessor MA , Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam 2011
- External Course Assessor ,RietveldAcademie, Amsterdam